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Colleen Rutledge A.A.C.

Colleen Rutledge A.A.C.

Colleen has a deep understanding of a life complicated and sometimes limited by ADHD challenges. She is passionate about uncovering strategies and solutions designed specifically for people with this unique brain wiring. Colleen has a personal understanding of both the hyperactive and inattentive subtypes. She has a great deal of experience working with both introverts and extroverts and enjoys assisting both personality types with overcoming the challenges they face while highlighting the strengths they naturally possess.

At age 18, Colleen was diagnosed with ADHD and began a lifelong journey toward fully understanding her unique brain. She worked with an ADHD coach who not only empowered her to take control of and manage her life, but also introduced her to the power of coaching as a career. Soon after Colleen began coach training at the ADD Coach Academy and now assists clients to achieve the ability and peace of mind she found.

Colleen spends her spare time writing, reading and creating. Her passion for many fictional universes has sparked her imagination to create models and methods that incorporate ‘geek life’ and ‘fandom’ into life management. She imagines a world where the love of games and comic books is not only widespread, but assists people in living life to their fullest potential.

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