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30/30 List App

Published: 18.06.2018

My journey of building a functioning life for myself began with noticing that there were certain things that benefitted me to be done daily. Many months later I realized it would make sense to do them all at once instead of spread out throughout the day. Then I gathered enough that I broke them up into two groups, morning and evening.

I began to wish I could have something, or someone, follow me around throughout the process of my daily routines to just gently remind me of what was next. My routines have changed so much throughout their life that not much of them have become habit, so I would continually forget what was next.

Then a colleague mentioned this app to me: 30/30. As explained to me, it is often used in conjunction with the Pomodoro technique, slotting in the tasks in between the breaks. It has many more functions, as many as a person can think of, really. A list of things to do before leaving the house, or preparing for work at home, or cleaning up after cooking. The basic concept is you enter items in the app, and decide how long each one will be, then the app runs through each the list and shows you the time passing, visually. To see it in action, check out this tutorial-style video.

I’ve used it pretty heavily as my routine machine. Each routine (morning routine: 37 items, afternoon routine: 11 items, evening routine: 15 items) is in a list that I run through, every day. It helps keep me on track so I don’t become enmeshed in any activity or distraction, moving onto the next item as the time ends on the current one.

One of my favorite tricks with this app is to have the first item in each routine list be “Start music”. I actually have specific playlists for each routine.

What could 30/30 do in your life?

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