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Reward Systems

Published: 15.04.2019


Motivation is hard.

Reward system parts:

- Record of work

- Record of reward currency

- List of things desired

Motivation is a tricky subject for human beings and as w...

Hobby Project Management and Work Productivity

Published: 01.04.2019

If you’re a productivity nerd like me you know how important it is to have your tasks and projects managed effectively. However, when we talk about ‘productivity’ we are usually talking about work or possibly personal tasks. The things that just need to get done for som...

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My ADHD Story

Published: 18.03.2019

There are a few locations, including this website, where I've told my story. They are all fairly short, however. This is a more detailed version, that goes more into the whys and wherefores of what lead me to the career of ADHD coach and overcoming my specific ADHD challenges.

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Running Into Everything

Published: 04.03.2019

One of my first attempts to manage my ADHD was to write everything down in a reminder app. And I mean everything. I would routinely have fifty reminders firing every day. It was exhausting but, I reasoned, at least I wasn’t forgetting things. My life at the time was simple enough t...

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An ADHD Coach's Daily Routine

Published: 18.02.2019

On the surface, it seems like those with ADHD are routine incompatible. And indeed, I know a lot of people, either artistic and creative types, those who love to embrace chaos, and/or with ADHD, who seem allergic to the concept. More about that later. The fact remains that often when peo...

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