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How Time Works Today List

Published: 10.06.2019

One of the things that stuck with me from the handful of times I’ve tried bullet journaling is the daily log. The concept of having a paper that reflected what was happening that day really appealed to me. A central place t...

My Grocery List is Awesome

Published: 27.05.2019

I have been through various iterations of what some might call a “meal plan” for some time now. The basic concept of planning what food you will make in advance works well for me. It has been a process of constant change, however. The system itself has, just as all my other systems have, been constantly tweaked, adapted, and updated ...

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The Magic of the Silent Alarm

Published: 13.05.2019

In my most recent blog post I talked about how overwhelming and unhelpful too many notifications can be. I also talked about ways to mitigate this problem and make reminders our friends where once they were foes. This is another method to do that.

Once upon a time an alarm was mainly for being woken up in the morning an...

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I Used Reminder Apps All Wrong

Published: 29.04.2019

One of the first things I did to mitigate the negative impact of my ADHD was to use a reminder app. To this day thinking about organizational tools of this type fills me with joy and excitement. There are just so many possibilities!

However, I know not everyone shares this giddy reaction. The reason for this is that wha...

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Reward Systems

Published: 15.04.2019


Motivation is hard.

Reward system parts:

- Record of work

- Record of reward currency

- List of things desired

Motivation is a tricky subject for human beings and as with everything it is even more so with ADHD. There ...

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