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When Shame Stops Us

Published: 05.08.2019

There’s a funny saying I’ve seen around the Internet: “I tried to be normal, once. Worst five minutes of my life.” It really resonates with me. I am pretty sure I only tried to be normal for about five minutes in my early teens before giving it up as a bad job. I’m not like most other people and will never be.

Purging Tasks

Published: 08.07.2019

ADHD tends to accumulate. Friends, debt, memories, false beliefs, hobbies, notebooks with only the first few pages written in, pets, addresses, connections. We gather in to ourselves, almost as innately as gravity. One of the things we tend to accumulate faster, and get rid of slower than a neurotypical brain, is tasks. Whether the tasks live in...

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How Time Works Today List

Published: 10.06.2019

One of the things that stuck with me from the handful of times I’ve tried bullet journaling is the daily log. The concept of having a paper that reflected what was happening that day really appealed to me. A central place to return to when chaos threatened to whirl me off course. To nobody’s surprise, I have since adapted it a bit.

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My Grocery List is Awesome

Published: 27.05.2019

I have been through various iterations of what some might call a “meal plan” for some time now. The basic concept of planning what food you will make in advance works well for me. It has been a process of constant change, however. The system itself has, just as all my other systems have, been constantly tweaked, adapted, and updated ...

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The Magic of the Silent Alarm

Published: 13.05.2019

In my most recent blog post I talked about how overwhelming and unhelpful too many notifications can be. I also talked about ways to mitigate this problem and make reminders our friends where once they were foes. This is another method to do that.

Once upon a time an alarm was mainly for being woken up in the morning an...

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