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My Home Screen and Mental Health, Part 2

Published: 10.12.2018

One of my least favorite things about my brain is my abysmal memory. On the one hand, it’s reliability does enable me to use the word “abysmal&rdq...


Published: 03.12.2018

I’ve come to the determination that I will no longer attempt to accomplish tasks that have no more motivation attached to them then “this needs to get done”. The mere fact that some benefit would be gained or some detriment avoided by taking action is no longer enough f...

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My Home Screen and Mental Health, Part 1

Published: 26.11.2018

I'd like to apologize in advance if I'm covering ground twice on some of these points. However, sometimes it's the specific wording or timing that allows information to sink in.

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Best of 2018

Published: 19.11.2018

People talk about how time changes as you age. They say it speeds up. I’m beginning to feel the reality of that perspective. I also think as our species ages, the pace of life, at least where I live, increases.

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Other People and Personal Happiness

Published: 12.11.2018

“Other people changing will not result in our own happiness.”

This is a statement I live by, in every way I can. I believe it in the ...

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